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Top 10 NBA Games to RememberTop 10 NBA Games to Remember

NBA games have always created an adrenaline rush for fans. The best players vs the best players, fans cheering for their favorites from different continents, everything adds to the buzz for the NBA games. While checking the history of various NBA finals, classic and legendary moments are sure. Who can forget the five-position game of Magic Johnson and the shrug of Michael Jordan?

Let us have a look at the top 10 NBA games fans always remember. Even though everybody will have their own choices, these games have their unique place in NBA history. 

  • Game 5 in 1976 (Boston Celtics 128 vs Phoenix Suns 126)

Some games cannot satisfy the fans in their regular time. It will be challenging to bring a sequel when the second overtime also ends. Two incredible shots and a controversy about the clock were a result of this match. 

  • Game 6 in 1980 (Los Angeles Lakers 123 vs Philadelphia 76ers 107)

This was one of the best games of Magic Johnson where he justified his nickname. Johnson played at all five positions in the game and managed to put 42 points in the game. The victory in the game was an unbelievable moment.

  • Game 6 in 2013 (Miami Heat 103 vs San Antonio Spurs 100)

This game is completely known by the name Ray Allen. The team was three points late. When there were just 5.2 seconds left for overtime, Allen got a three through the right corner. Finally, they even won the title for the second consecutive time.

  • Game 5 in 1997 — Chicago Bulls 90 vs Utah Jazz 88

This game is also known as “The Flu Game”. The game showcased Michael Jordan’s courageous performances. In the battle with stomach flu and Jazz, he managed to make 38 points, giving a series win for Chicago.

  • Game 6 in 1998 — Chicago Bulls 87 vs Utah Jazz 86

This was a game that ended Michael Jordan and his basketball career with the Bulls. However, it ended gloriously. When there were just 5.2 seconds to end the game, Jordan’s move to the right fetched a victory of one point for the Bulls.

  • Game 7 in 1970 — New York Knicks 113 vs Los Angeles Lakers 99

This game will be always remembered for the emotional support Willis Reed gave to his team, which led them to win a championship for the first time. Even after missing the previous game, Reed scored the first two crucial shots in the game. 

  • Game 7 in 1962 — Boston Celtics 110 vs Los Angeles Lakers 107

The Lakers expected a victory in the Boston Championship, but the shot of Frank Selvy in the final seconds shattered their dreams. The game was extended to overtime in which Boston could snatch the title for the fourth time.

  • Game 7 in 1988 — Los Angeles Lakers 108 vs Detroit Pistons 106

This game fetched the second consecutive title for the Lakers. It was James Worthy’s triple-double that determined the fate of the game. It is his only triple-double in his entire career and it changed the fortune of Los Angeles. 

  • Game 7 in 1957 — Boston Celtics 125 vs St. Louis Hawks 123

This is one of those old games that gets more addictive over time. The game went to double overtime. It is for the first time in history that a game 7 had extra time. It was the first championship title for Boston.

  • Game 7in 1969 — Boston Celtics 108 vs Los Angeles Lakers 106

The 11th championship win for the Celtics was won by beating the Lakers. Even though the Lakers got a triple-double in their Game 7, they couldn’t win the finals.